It’s great to see how one woman is helping rural women in Laos make a sustainable living by creating luxurious and creative home wares and fashion products.

Emi Wier Luang Say and Ma Te Sai

Ma Te Sai founder, Emi Weir working with rural villages

‘Ma Te Sai’ in Lao language means “Where does it come from?”

Meet Emi who is from Australia and celebrating 5 years since she started ‘Ma Te Sai’ this month. She was inspired to start her project after moving to Laos more than 6 years ago and seeing villages with amazing artisans and products. What they mainly needed was support in terms of retail channels, marketing and product development. Ma Te Sai was there to help and has since evolved into a large store and showroom in Luang Prabang as well as ‘pop up’ shops through out the country and a very user friendly online store.

Luang Say and Ma Te Sai Products

Ma Te Sai’s latest offers include Hmong Christmas decorations and Lao inspired recycled paper Christmas items made by the Laos Disabled Women’s Development Center.

Luang Say Mat Te Sai Christmas

Mekong Cruises and the Luang Say Residence is proud to support the work of Ma Te Sai with a space in the Luang Say Residence hotel lobby featuring some of their best creations that hand made with expert quality and luxurious fibers.

For more information visit Ma Te Sai’s website.