The Hmongs are an ethnic group originally from the Yellow River region of China. Over the last centuries the Hmong people have migrated to mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and also Thailand. To this day, they maintain a strong community culture and a traditional way of life. This Hmong people are mainly animist and shamanist. Today there are more than 4 million Hmong people in the world. In Laos there is

Every year in October, the Light Festival transforms the UNESCO city of Luang Prabang. Parade, lanterns and Buddhist ceremonies; this tradition is considered as the most enchanting event of the year in Laos. Called “Lai Heua Fai” in Lao, it is the occasion to show respect to the spirit of the river. Here are some “must do” activities during this amazing and unique festival.   Enjoy a walk around the

  Laos is probably one of the most beautiful and wild countries in South East Asia. At the same time it is also one of the poorest countries in the world. The population endures very low income as well as under equipped schools and hospitals. In the past decades the international community started caring about this wonderful and traditional Buddhist country. Many NGOs and other associations are now helping Laos

In the past few years, Laos has raised the attention of international tourists for its wild landscapes and rich Buddhist culture. Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane are some “must see” places in Laos, the kingdom of a million elephants. But if you leave the touristic areas, you will discover another Laos, more authentic and peaceful. These are destinations such as: Sayaboury, Hongsa, Muang Ngeun or Pakbeng. They are cities

In the South of Laos, on the west bank of the mighty Mekong, the Vat Phou ruins are a wonderful testimony of the past. Eight kilometers away from Champasak, this exceptional site is an ancient set of temples. Although Vat Phou was built as a Hindu temple, it is now used for worship by Theravada Buddhists since the XIII century. Vat Phou (or Wat Phu) is considered as the oldest

Luang Prabang offers dozens of restaurants and party locations, but we have chosen the best bars in town where you can have fun and enjoy a mouthwatering drink, all in one. It is often described as the spiritual capital or a little piece of Europe in South East Asia. Luang Prabang certainly has a lot to offer. From unique markets and places to go shopping, to exquisite temples, timeless culture

After a year of working hard nothing makes the team at Luang Say more delighted than ending it with a festive dinner celebration for our guests. This year it will start at 19:45 with cocktails and chit chat by the pool whilst taking in a performance by traditional Lao dancers. Following this guests will be able to experience one of Laos oldest ceremonies, the Baci. This ceremony combines Buddhist and

It’s great to see how one woman is helping rural women in Laos make a sustainable living by creating luxurious and creative home wares and fashion products. Ma Te Sai founder, Emi Weir working with rural villages ‘Ma Te Sai’ in Lao language means “Where does it come from?” Meet Emi who is from Australia and celebrating 5 years since she started ‘Ma Te Sai’ this month. She was inspired

Welcome to Pak Beng, Laos!  Our one night stop over on the Luang Say Cruise is here at our exclusive Luang Say Lodge.  Pak Beng is well-known by travelers as the midway point on the two day river journey between Huay Say and Luang Prabang.   The Mekong River was once the main transport route through Laos.  Out of necessity, Pak Beng became the overnight stop for both cargo and

Our cruise boat, the Vat Phou, is named after the Vat Phou Temple ruins, which is the highlight tour of our Southern Laos Mekong River cruise. The Vat Phou (Wat Phu) Temple is an ancient temple pre-dating the Khmer Empire.  The ruins of the temple are located just a few kilometers outside of Champasak town, the capital of Champasak Province. The Vat Phou ruins are at the base of a