Ban Dua Tae Village an School, a Lao loum village located on the banks of the Mekong River, southern Laos

Ban Dua Tae Village an School, a Lao loum village located on the banks of the Mekong River, southern Laos


Laos is probably one of the most beautiful and wild countries in South East Asia. At the same time it is also one of the poorest countries in the world. The population endures very low income as well as under equipped schools and hospitals.

In the past decades the international community started caring about this wonderful and traditional Buddhist country. Many NGOs and other associations are now helping Laos develop in positive ways.


Pack for a Purpose talks to the travelers

Pack for a Purpose is a nonprofit organization which assists local communities around the world by helping travelers to contribute to the destinations they visit.

There are different needs everywhere in the world. Those are quite difficult to identify when you are just traveling few days or weeks in a country.

For that reason, Pack For a Purpose decided to guide travelers who want to donate in their holiday destination. The association provides lists of various items needed by country or even region.

In order to make the donation as easy as possible for the tourists, Pack For a Purpose also provides a list of Partners. Those partners (hotels, restaurants, schools, travel agencies…) are collection points for all the furniture people want to give to the villages and schools in Laos.

Have a significant impact in the countries you visit is easy thanks to Pack For a Purpose.


Ock Pop Tok reveals the beauties of Lao traditional handicraft

Ock Pop Tok is an interesting company who decided years ago to support local economy and also keep Lao traditional crafts alive. Laos is well known for the high quality of its silk and fabrics. Lao women are experts in sewing and make wonderful clothes and home decoration pieces with local raw material.

Ock Pop Tok decided to elevate the profile of Local handicraft. The international team choose the highest quality products made by locals and sell it in their retail outlets. Ock Pop Tok respects fair trade etiquette and provides good salary and working conditions to the workers.

Ock Pop Tok has two shops and a Living Craft Center in Luang Prabang, the royal Capital of Laos. The company also have a pop up store in Vientiane and a boutique corner in Champasak.


L’ASAS faces the villages challenges

L’ASAS’s mission is to participate in education, health, animal protection and environmental preservation projects. For the moment, this association is helping 8 villages in Laos.

This association tries to collaborate with existing associations in the world for more impact in their area. They are involved in many projects such as: Luang Prabang Library, Vientiane Rescue and Laos Girls Teen Project.

This 3 year old project based in Luang Prabang collects donations on their website and during their yearly trip to Swizerland. Clothes, toys, school furniture are then 100 % re-distributed in villages in need.  Since 2016, ASAS also installed some big collection bags in restaurants and hotels of Luang Prabang.