Feb 2017

Lao Coffee

Laos has a special and new relationship with coffee. The first coffee plants were introduced to the country by the French colonialist around 1915. However coffee plantations in Laos started only a few decades ago and until now Lao coffee has not been well known for its quality.   The origins of Lao Coffee With an elevation range of 1,000 to 1,350 meters, several rivers, an ample rainfall, generally cool temperatures

Welcome to Pak Beng, Laos!  Our one night stop over on the Luang Say Cruise is here at our exclusive Luang Say Lodge.  Pak Beng is well-known by travelers as the midway point on the two day river journey between Huay Say and Luang Prabang.   The Mekong River was once the main transport route through Laos.  Out of necessity, Pak Beng became the overnight stop for both cargo and

Our cruise boat, the Vat Phou, is named after the Vat Phou Temple ruins, which is the highlight tour of our Southern Laos Mekong River cruise. The Vat Phou (Wat Phu) Temple is an ancient temple pre-dating the Khmer Empire.  The ruins of the temple are located just a few kilometers outside of Champasak town, the capital of Champasak Province. The Vat Phou ruins are at the base of a

Each year in Laos there is a Boat Racing Festival in either August or September, depending on the Lunar Calendar.  This year the race day falls on September 12th.  The races take place on the Nam Khan River.  Nearly 40 boats take part in the races, including racing boats from the neighboring provinces. Before the boat races begin, there is a special alms giving ceremony outside the Royal Palace National

The Vat Phou Cruise has become familiar sight over the years for the communities along its route.  Most of staff on the Vat Phou boat are from the very towns and villages that the boat visits. We are grateful for the people and communities that have become a part of our company and helped to bring such memorable experiences to our guests. The Vat Phou Cruise hires local villagers from

Green season has arrived in Laos.  Flowering trees are in full bloom and the colors of this beautiful country are becoming more vibrant.  The climb to the top of Mt. Phousi in Luang Prabang is lined with dok champa trees full of the flower that Laos is so well-known for. This is the busy time in the life of the Lao village, especially for the farmers.  Soon they will be