Staff on board the Vat Phou boat, a floating hotel cruising on the Mekong River, southern Laos

The Vat Phou Cruise has become familiar sight over the years for the communities along its route.  Most of staff on the Vat Phou boat are from the very towns and villages that the boat visits. We are grateful for the people and communities that have become a part of our company and helped to bring such memorable experiences to our guests.

The Vat Phou Cruise hires local villagers from along the southern end of the Mekong River in Laos, providing income to communities we visits.  Our staff are taught a high standard of food service and hospitality practices, and they are provided with free meals and possibly needed medical attention. The boat staff are still continuing to improve their English and customer service skills and are provided with ongoing training. Today all crew on the boat live and work in harmony and consider one other as family. This is the beauty of the Vat Phou Cruise.

Because the Vat Phou Cruise has such a close relationship with the communities along the Mekong we have taken opportunities, when we can, to support them.  Each of our cruises stop in Tomo Village where we visit the ancient hidden forest temple of Oum Muong.  Mekong Cruises supports the local school in Tomo Village with school supplies. Mekong Cruises has also assisted the school in Deua Tia Village with many projects over the years including school supplies, fans and new bathroom facilities. We also give opportunity to our customers to give back to these communities by making donations to the local schools.

If you join us on the Vat Phou cruise, you too will feel that you have become part of the community, if only for a few days.